Sunday, September 8, 2013

bird on a wire eco lingerie

"Another source of fun is for the little peoples to tell
a circle of friends a tale which is made up.  The idea 
is to make it more and more improbable and wild.  
A sort of contest in the imaginary sets in, with perfectly 
hilarious results mixed with sudden moments of 
great gravity."

The most recent colors of undergear is bright and yet
earthly by means of the vibrant flowers.  The birds are
nostalgic in that once a time ago, there was a man.
This man had drawn birds on his sketchbook and 
decided to share them in our company.  He carefully
cut them out from the textured paper and pasted them
to the backdrop, mind you this was an urban alleyway.
We all admired his sense of beauty even if surrounded
by rocks, trash, and very tall buildings.
He handed us nature.
As time passes by, those birds had no idea they were to
return to my view.  So here, I will continue to share the
wildness in nature, from in the leaves to under the root.
Thank you, dearest man.  I love you eternal.