Wednesday, May 22, 2013

oh my great gatsby, 1920s hairstyles

Some of the hairstyles are pop right out of the time, and 
then many of the styles are still out on the street in the 
newest century.  Hair is part of us, beautiful in every twist
and turn.  
Here's to Vintage Thimble for sharing her collection.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

wild fire loves animals

WILD FIRE Magazine features articles on fair trade, vegan 
lifestyles, fashion and well being.  The ladies behind the 
production are spectacular and extraordinary.  Joanna Kilkelly
and Kohii Love, babes of our future.  We sent down some items
for their Issue 3 and the images above are what they captured
from the lens to the pages of the magazine.

You can connect, download a free issue, and stay with their 

Thank you, Joanna and Kohii, your beauty precedes you.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

asta nielsen, a suffragette lion

Asta Nielsen, a wild and fancy free womyn from the earlier
1900s.  My healthy obsession with silent films has led me towards
this femme.  She is simply striking for her wit, minimalist style,
outrageousness, beauty, and devotion to womyn.
Die Asta was born in 1881, Denmark and lived until she left
this planet 1972, at age 90 in Denmark.  She often portrayed
strong willed, passionate womyn trapped by tragic consequence.
There are over 70 films with Asta, mainly made in Germany.

“Asta Nielsen, she is the most exquisite actress the screen 
has ever seen, her absolutely masterful portrayal and her strong, 
soulful depth produce the greatest artistic pleasure that film 
has to offer. Her artistry shakes me to the core.” 
Mary Wigman

“Asta Nielsen is the only female artist in film who can be 
considered outright as a genius and whose artistic achievements 
have the unforced quality of natural events.  Everyone who 
has ever enjoyed the pleasure of her friendship knows that she, 
like all the other real greats in the world of art, is also 
a significant human being whose exceptional sense of humor 
and deep wisdom about life are without parallel.”
Paul Wegener

"Asta Nielsen" means the power to speak of pathos, to see pain, 
and to find the middle path between Baudelaire's flower of evil 
and the sick rose of which Blake sang."
M. S. Fonseca