Wednesday, June 30, 2010

whimsical wednesday :: white apple

White Apple
Lost in the Forest

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

body movement tuesday :: league of extraordinary dancers

League of Extraordinary Dancers

no special effects. no wires. real people, real powers.
series begins July 7, 2010

Sunday, June 27, 2010

oddities and magik monday :: marieaunet

Marie-Claire Redon

Saturday, June 26, 2010

sustainable sunday :: green is sexy

Green is Sexy came about when three friends realized that 
exchanging tips on ways to make an impact on the environment 
was becoming daily conversation.  They decided that, with a bit 
of research and some help from their friends, they could spread 
the word to all sorts of people and really make a difference.  
green is sexy is about tiny changes, big impact.
Why sexy?
Because being informed is sexy.  Being responsible is sexy. 
Being eco-friendly is sexy.  Making a difference is sexy.

soundscape saturday :: electronic explorations

Electronic Explorations, in the company of Rob Booth as we travel 
through electronic music’s hottest property, a deviously crafted 
patchwork of carefully sewn rhythms, sonic contortions and 
delicate melodies.  Dubstep, minimal electronica, techno and 
advanced soundscapes.  Producers who rarely see the light of day, 
too busy in their own homes, making some of the most arresting, 
forward thinking and intelligent music.
If you like your music experimental, uncompromising, hand crafted 
and eerie, mathematical and heavy on the bass then look no further.

Friday, June 25, 2010

fashion friday :: buffalo exchange

The first Buffalo Exchange opened in 1974 in Tucson, Arizona
by Kerstin and Spencer Block. To our knowledge, this was the 
very first store that bought, sold, traded and took clothing items 
and accessories on consignment.  Kerstin, being Swedish, thought 
the word 'Buffalo' was very American.  And since the store was 
going to be an 'Exchange,' the store's name was born.

Buffalo Exchange is a sustainable company that works to protect the 
environment by reusing and recycling clothing.  The EPA estimates 
12.4 million tons of textiles were generated in 2008, or 5 percent of 
total U.S. municipal solid waste.  Nearly half of the 2.5 billion pounds 
of postconsumer textile waste prevented from entering the solid waste 
stream is recycled as secondhand clothing, according to the Council
for Textile Recycling

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

body movement tuesday :: butoh

The collective name for a diverse range of activities, techniques and 
motivations for dance, performance, or movement inspired by the 
Ankoku-Butoh movement.  It typically involves playful and grotesque 
imagery, taboo topics, extreme or absurd environments, and is 
traditionally performed in white, body makeup with slow, 
hypercontrolled motion, with or without an audience. But there is no 
set style, and it may be purely conceptual with no movement at all. 
Its origins have been attributed to Japanese dance legends Tatsumi 
Hijikata and Kazuo Ohno.

Monday, June 21, 2010

oddities and magikal monday :: a journey round my skull

Bookcover Design in Japan 1910s-40s
(ISBN 4-89444-426-7)
edited by Masayo Matsubara

Illustrations by E. Benyaminson for Hello, I'm Robot!
by Stanislav Zigunenko (Russia, 1989)

Soliloquies in the Bath by Frigyes Karinthy

Adolf Hoffmeister, In the Pisces Constellation, 1963, collage

A Journey Round My Skull
author Will Schofield
Unhealthy book fetishism from a reader, collector, and amateur
historian of forgotten literature. Recent obsessions: illustration and
graphic design from around the world.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

sustainable sunday :: sustain your style

DeviDoll Clothing

Lisa Rennel

Elena Garcia

Sustain your Style is the global online fashion guide to ethical fashion. 
We cover eco luxury labels, everyday wear, including fair trade and 
organic clothing, ethical jewelery, eco stylish handbags, sustainable 
lingerie, organic clothing for children and babies, eco menswear as 
well as eco friendly accessories.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

soundscape saturday :: MUTEK

MUTEK is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the 
dissemination and development of digital creativity in sound, music, 
and audio visual art. Its mandate is to provide a platform for the 
most original and visionary artists currently working in their fields,
with the intent of providing an outlet of initiation and discovery for the 
audiences we seek to develop.

MUTEK’s principal activity is the annual presentation of its namesake 
festival, which has taken place in Montreal since 2000.  Since its first 
edition, the MUTEK festival has distinguished itself as an international 
rendezvous for original and avantgarde programming. In terms of 
content, the festival’s range strives to be diverse, with interests in both 
the experimental and the playful sides of digital creativity.  MUTEK’s 
programming intends to create a sonic space that can support 
innovation in new electronic music and digital art.  This is a world of 
constant evolution and incessant refinement – the “MU” in MUTEK 
refers consciously to the notion of “mutation”.

Friday, June 18, 2010

fashion friday :: kreatia

Originally from Poland, Agnieszka Kulon works professionally
as a fashion designer and photographer under label KREATIA.
As a fashion designer Agnieszka offers, to her clients, alternatives 
to main stream of industry. Her collection, featured in nation wide 
magazine Fiber Art Magazine, is built from one of the kind pieces.
In her photography she features quite often the same person,
but her strong background in make-up artistry and fashion design
allows her to alter images. She uses both digital and traditional 
photography, shooting film and processing her prints in wet lab.
Agnieszka specializes in portraits, fashion and humouristic