Tuesday, December 27, 2011

a message from beyond

"i allowed myself to take the package into the bathroom with me and set it on the counter while i showered. when it was warm and i was relaxed and clean, i opened the parcel.  the recycled packing was welcome and the presentation of the wrapped garment breathtaking.  the vintage picture and the pretty little cards, the ribbon and wrappings.  i was just so impressed with the sensory experience i had ...with the colors and textiles.  i got all powdered and put on my little romper thingy and its awesome!  i giggled and clapped and it fits me great!  you are so talented!  im wearing it to bed tonight!  thanks again for the experience and the memories.  what a fun time..."

This message in response to a handmade Lamignak Lantern UnitSuit, so beautiful and exactly what I seam up inside all these pieces for the precious peoples on the planet.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

from across the oceans wide

A message was sent this morning in response to a much earlier post 100 Most Beautiful Words.  While there have been a handful of responses to this post, this one is like a secret to share with you.  If read through until the end, there is a longing for me to have an interpretation and a dictionary.  My hat is tipped to a story among stories.

Beatific ailurophiles, chatoyant and blandiloquent colporteurs!  Please imbrigate our halcyon and ephemeral festivities with this mellifluous missive.  Accept a paean and enocomium to the inglenook, scintillated sempiternally, lest, inured and etiolated, or immolated by propinquity the cynosure of serendipitous epiphany imbues ebulliance and effervescence to the ensuing imbroglio!  In ubragaceous syzygy, from a potomophilious palimpest, a nebulous polis, I relate a riparian rhapsody, a sussourus path incipient, fugageous and then plain to see plying the pelagic plain.  But it is neither at the horizon nor the shore, but in the offing that the terpsichorean talisman toils.  A plethora of proud puffs have powered a panoply of peregrinations as ripples redolent of roses restore and relate the returning rover.  And as the boat approaches, ethereal and adroit whispers adumbrate the enticing and enchanting of a lithe ingenue.  The harbour convenes and conjoins a symbiosis of airborne spirits and earthly toils.  A single voice calls upon the loudacious ladies and moeity of men to enter the forest and dance.
The chiaroscuro is composed!
The champagne is effervescent!
The chiasma is approaching!
And so, this pastiche of peccadillos, this obsequious oeuvre of mangled mondegreens humbly hums a hymeneal hymn.  The lagniappe is caliginous and esoteric, but the aestivation approaches.

-Stephen Stretton