Sunday, August 7, 2011

a few threads loose

A Few Threads Loose


There is a compartment of sensibility where the newest collection for Spring/Summer 2012 has evolved.. and it begins with a word, entelechy.
We grasp an idea of philosophical beginnings to form a vintage, fable inspired vision.  As old or young as each tree identified from the northwest landscape, our continuation ensues.

A perfect realization as opposed to a potentiality.
The state of being complete.
In vitalist philosophy, a vital force that propels
      one to self-fulfillment.  It is also understood
      by many as the dynamic purpose that is coded within,
      a purposeful unfolding of what a thing is.
In Aristotle's philosophy, it's synonymous with
      completed actuality, where there is no further
      potentiality to be realized.  The essence has been fulfilled.
The actualization of form-giving cause as contrasted
      with potential existence.
A hypothetical agency not demonstable by scientific methods
      that in some vitalist doctrines is considered
      an inherent regulating and directing force in the development
      and functioning of an organism.
The entelechy itself, by moving toward its destiny,
      fulfills its own nature as a consciousness.

This collection will be visualized in images with the roots of specific trees, and the elves which inhabit them.  Within the next month, a lookbook of this collection will be listed at the shop online as we continue to move forward.