Saturday, March 17, 2012

and you have spoken

Under The Root belongs to a wondrous and majestic group of makes and shakers called EcoEtsy.  I might mention here, the leader of many, Karen Lee, is astounding us across the globe.  A couple months back, one of the writers offered a grand article using our nose sniffing, tracking devices to find out which designs have caught the eye of buyers.

Here are the top five designs since 2008.

Panoplies Prop Top has our top spot.

The next on the list are  Arabesque Arm Spats.

Bamboozlement Bloomers in third times a charm.

A Nixie Garden Garter Belt flitters into fourth.

Sailing in on a five point star Victorian Bloomers.

and just for treehouse giggles, the sixth most sold designs..

was the Happiness Hipster.

The tiptop list for Under The Root sales was divine to see, and inspiration with this mindful studio for our next collection AW2012.. which is swirling around in sketches and swatches as I share with you now.

It is a bit difficult with words to offer salutations to the sprites out there whom have made this list by supporting Under The Root.  My way of returned gratitude is quality in designs, exquisite workmanship and a blush when given the chance to help our earthbound culture raised in spacetime consciousness.

Thank you oh so very with kibbles on top.

Friday, March 16, 2012

for the show must go on

The universe snapped us up to capture some design images and the rabbbits jumped out of the hat.  This photoshoot was in a place of silence, wrapped from eyes of Zoey Burger, caressed by Lyra Bloom.  The day was of the most grand.  A warm air, almost sundown, and gravel roads abound.
Thanks to it be.