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Friday, January 27, 2012


There is a woman, alive and free, spreading the love from the top of the trees.  Thank you, Bohemea

Life Lessons From Bo
1. Make Eye Contact
I cannot stress enough how important I feel it is to look someone in the eye. Everyone. From your loved ones to store clerks and bank tellers. Treat everyone like your equal. I also find eye contact immensely attractive. It shows you’re assured & open and I dig that.
2. Remember Facts About Other People
This ties into ‘be a good listener’ which I think everyone loves in a person. I also feel it’s important to remember the anecdotes and facts people tell you. I’m not talking just birthdays and phone numbers. When someone remembers that I take my coffee black or that I once had a cat named Killer, I know they’re a good person. I know sometimes it feels this way, but not everyone is talking just to hear the sound of their own voice, sometimes people are trying to connect. Find those people & connect.
3. Have Individuality and Confidence In Dress
I like when a person looks comfortable in their own skin. I don’t care if you dress conservative or eccentric, so long as it expresses who you are as a person and you look like you chose your look because it makes you happy and not because it’s what is expected.
4. Love What You Love
SB and I went on a rant about this the other day; I kept shouting “LOVE WHAT YOU LOVE!” It is my new life motto. I loathe when people automatically reject something because they think it would be lame to like that something. I would much rather someone vehemently hate something I love for their own personal reasons than agree with me because they think they’re supposed to. No more guilty pleasures. Love what you love without shame.
Everyone I truly love sometimes gets so overwhelmed by their excitement that they start shouting or typing in CRAZY CAPS. I adore this trait. I spent most of my early 20s acting like I was too cool to get excited about something unless I was drunk. That’s silly. Giggle, clap, jump up and down. True honest enthusiasm is endearing and infectious.
6. Be Willing To Change
No matter what convictions you have now, accept that life is change. You will change, your circumstances will change, roll with it. Allow yourself to grow and evolve. Don’t stick stubbornly to a belief or idea just because it’s something you believe now. If it’s meant to stick, it’ll stick on it’s own. Just be willing to change. Keep this motto that Cher recites in Mermaids close to your heart: Life is change. Death is living in the past or staying in one place too long.
7. Accept That Other People Are Better Than You
Do what you love, even if you’re not the best. This is difficult for alphas to accept. I’ve given up many a project because I wasn’t instantly awesome at the task. Keep trying, improve and accept that doing what you love is just that and it’s not being the best, it’s being fulfilled. That being said, if you really truly suck at something, and sometimes you will, maybe give it up and try something else.
8. Be Spontaneously Affectionate
Tell people you love that you love them, but also show them that you love them. Hug, hold hands, link arms. When a friend overwhelms you with their adorableness, tell them. Respect that some people don’t respond well to physical affection and find other ways to let them know they’re loved. Do all this freely, generously, often.
9. Stick Up For Yourself
Just as you should question your convictions, you should also be skilled at defending them. Don’t let anyone talk you out of something you truly believe. Respect their differing opinion, listen, absorb, but don’t sacrifice your opinions to appease another. I would also add that you should pick your debates, don’t vehemently argue every difference. Sometimes it’s fine to let someone go on about something you disagree with. You’ll learn a differing view and maybe it’s not worth the effort to dispute their opinion.
10. Love Yourself Best
This sounds selfish, but it’s not. Remember what RuPaul says: If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else? Love others, give yourself to others, trust others, but remember that you have to love yourself best so you can give well to the people in your life. Have fun with yourself, enjoy your own company, challenge and be proud of yourself. 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

look under the table

A wee bit ago, I was reminded of where this all began.. there were sprites circling around my head, with the light and darkness towards a shed.  We gathered from a deeper slumber, pushed the grandeur aside for wonder.  This photoshoot was taken by Vesna Jovanovic, her works still grow and can be seen at vesnaonline.com
Ellie and Renee still continue to inspire me with their strength and beauty in this world.  This is for all three of them.  I have just stepped behind for a moment because there is a mound of work to share that simply touches on the plentiful piles in the beginning.. more to come.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

wunderlust and rouge pony

The findings from this shop and journal astounds me to no end.  Rouge Pony swept me away from the seat I sit.  Wunderlust helped an escape plan come to life.  You can find her at the journal called Wunderlust and her hands creating with Rouge Pony.

"I have always maintained a love-love relationship with lace, there is just something about that peek-a-boo network of fine fabric and texture that excites me. Lace dresses burst with the romantic; they can be elegant, dreamy, or even demure. To me lace is profoundly feminine, almost poetic and every girl should at-least have one dress that makes her feel like a goddess"