Wednesday, December 30, 2009

whirling beauties :: daydream lily

Mixte #62, photography by Carlotta Mainago, illustrations by Gustaf Von Arbin

Manuel Rebollo

Daydream Lily
Conjured by Liss
All the happenings within this journal jump straight from the heart.
"I started blogging in 2007 as a creative outlet from my studies and research work. Ive always had a strong interest in Art and Photography - I studied photography as part of my undergrad degree at Melbourne University.
Here I post things that inspire me....a mix of photography, design, handmade, creative homes and a touch of fashion all with a dreamy romantic aesthetic."

Monday, December 28, 2009

ultima vez

Ultima Vez was founded in 1986 as the company and organization of choreographer, director and filmmaker Wim Vandekeybus.
Since its foundation, Ultima Vez has intensively developed its activities as an international contemporary dance company with a strong base in Brussels and Flanders.
While, during the first years, Ultima Vez focused mainly on the production, promotion and distribution of the artistic work of Wim Vandekeybus (dance, theatre, film), the organization has integrated many other activities.

Ultima Vez has always functioned as an autonomous and independent structure,
relying however on a network of co-producers and partners to realize its projects.

Currently the activities of Ultima Vez are focused around the following pillars:
- the creation, production, the national and international distribution & promotion of the artistic work of Wim Vandekeybus (dance/theatre creations, film & video, kids & youth projects, …);
- the organization of art educational activities (classes, workshops, repertory projects…) for various target groups (professional dancers, performers, dance amateurs, children, …);
- the ulti'mates programme: the support and counselling of choreographers/theatre makers on the level of (financial) management, administration, production, promotion and/or distribution.

For more information about the different Ultima Vez activities, we refer to the respective pages on this website.
An overview of the partnerships and networks Ultima Vez relies on or is member of can be found on the synergies pages.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

soap and skin

Soap and Skin - Thanatos
produced and directed by Benjamin and Stefan Ramirez Pérez
photography by Anja Plaschg, Benjamin Ramírez Pérez and Stefan Ramírez Pérez

Saturday, December 26, 2009

whirling beauties :: dance bloggers

Emio Greco

dance bloggers
This site was built by Deborah Friedes and Tal Galili.
They have established a central hub for people who blog about dance in English. The site will help dance bloggers connect and follow the dance blogosphere; it will also allow people interested in dance and blogging to learn more about the field.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

whirling beauties :: couture carrie

Vivienne Westwood

French Vogue October 2005

Bon 2004


Peter and Pilotto

Couture Carrie
If there, ever, is a roundup for finding artistry, frivolity, and elegant madness in a visual form.
Over the top and needles from haystacks.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Liane Tyrrel is the traveller behind her journal 'enhabiten'.
She wrote a small piece on Under The Root and you can read it
plus join in here.

whirling beauties :: constant cravings


Tina Berning

Constant Cravings
Leigh Morlock, an enthusiastic and obsessive researcher, has channeled her compulsion into trendhunting, trend forecasting, market research, blogging, dramaturgy and theater direction.
"One of my goals is to be a connector – someone who is able to create a vast network of creatives who will collaborate and support each other. It is my hope that Constant Cravings will be a hub of creative conversation, encouragement and action in the future."

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

whirling beauties :: clever nettle

clever nettle
Her name is anja louise verdugo.
I adore nettle, the herb, and find myself watching this maiden thrift, 
write, and document the whole excursion.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

whirling beauties :: BOOOOOOOM

Enter, Jeff Hamada, an artist hailing from Vancouver.
He created his blog in hopes to foster a community of people excited to go out and be creative!
The disciplines and mediums he explores include art, design, music, film, photo, junk, and projects.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

whirling beauties :: biorequiem

Photo by Andrew Yoon

A journal and desk of Zoetica Ebb.
Co-founder of Coilhouse – a blog and a print magazine that focuses on alternative culture. Contributions urban exploration + event photo galleries to ChinaShop and occasional fashion rants to Haute Macabre.

"Painter, pencil pusher, model, photographer & cosmonomad.
Born in Moscow of Russian and Uighur descent, I was raised by a troupe of gypsy scientists from space, who sold me to an American technological research facility in 1992. After a daring escape, I graduated from the LA County High School for the Arts and retreated into an underground studio where I studied with the revered Madame Von Kuntzertag, followed by a brief stint at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago"...
continue reading her biography and travel amongst her land here.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

whirling beauties :: BEASTS!

BEASTS! Book one translated to Chinese

Gevaudan Monster

Adam Grano's new gouache painting of the helpful Brownie

BEASTS! by Jacob Covey
A simply gravitating swirl of illustration and design, Seattle based, 
freelance book designer and Art Director at Fantagraphics Books.
Another journal of updated projects from the desk of Jacob Covey 
is UNFLOWN, andyou can find this here.

Friday, December 11, 2009

whirling beauties :: battling pink robots

Julia Sonmi Heglund

Battling Pink Robots is a photoblog from heyyoshimi.
A world away and yet sitting right next to you.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

whirling beauties :: bangles and clay

Bangles and Clay is a journal of Nest.
Nest is a nonprofit organization dedicated to changing the lives 
of women in developing countries.  A shop online is available to 
purchase items and support their priorities.  The mission of Nest 
is to support women artists and artisans in the developing world 
by helping them create sustainable, entrepreneurial businesses.
To do this, Nest provides micro-credit loans to be used for the 
purchase of the supplies and materials necessary to begin and 
maintain art or craft-based businesses.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

whirling beauties :: foto decadent

Editorial: Diane Kruger's individuallure
Magazine: Vogue Italia
Issue: March 2009
Celebrity: Diane Kruger
Photographer: Mark Seliger

Photo: Alina Lebedeva
Style: Gala Borzova
Hair&MakeUp: Ernest Muntaniol
Model: Elena S

Vogue Italia

Foto Decadent
A community dedicated to avant-garde fashion photography.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

whirling beauties :: artistic things

from Iatrogenesis with Rambert Dance Company

Bruno Dayan

Martine Johanna

Artistic Things is a blog about every day things we encounter
in which we find art and talent.  Designed and developed by 
Mike Moloksher.  The goal of Artistic Things is to establish an 
open platform for people to share their love for art in any shape 
or form.

Monday, December 7, 2009

whirling beauties :: art nudes

Art Nudes
A warehouse wrapped in magik with some of the most
amazing artistry including the human form.

The founder and primary curator of the site is Michael Barnes,
photographer based in Victoria, British Columbia. Occasional links and frequent curmudgeonly comments provided by UK photographer and retired university professor, Eric Kellerman. He currently resides in the Netherlands. Last but certainly not least, Mariana Pinhero is a blogger (Gatochy's Blog) from Lisbon, Portugal who routinely sends in content.
Links to all the personal sites can be found on the main page.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

LUNDLUND and marcus ohlssen

Photographer: Marcus Ohlsson
Hair stylist: Mike Lundgren
Make up: Katarina Håkansson

LUNDLUND photographer Marcus Ohlssen
captured the images of these pieces. The project for Velvet
had me on a search to find the lingerie designer's name.

whirling beauties :: art deco

Gatochy, hailing from Portugal, captures the brilliance and divine nature
of vintage illustrations and advertisements with her collections.
Journal of the collection here.
Photojournal of the collection here.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

whirling beauties . alyssa duhe

Alyssa Duhe and her leap towards heroine.
This lady is spicing up the landscape with
design, graphic novels, skateboards, and a sketchbook.
She keeps a journal on her adventures here.