Monday, February 16, 2009

design for mankind

Writer Erin Loechner launched award-winning Design for Mankind 
in mid-2007 in an attempt to bring light to the inspiration found 
in today’s creative culture. Through photography, product design, 
style and craft, Design for Mankind is dedicated to showcasing the 
talents of the emerging art and design community.

Boasting a popular viewership of over 8,000 readers per day, 
Design for Mankind has received numerous praise for Erin Loechner’s 
unique perspective on the industry. With features like ‘The Dailies’ 
[a glance into the daily life of artisans/designers] and ‘Reader Profiles’ 
[where we hear from our many loyal readers!], 
Design for Mankind is truly an inspiration for us all.

Need another reason to visit this award-winning site?
Here’s Erin with 18 of them:
18. Sometimes I give out prizes to my favorite readers. Good prizes, in fact.
17. I sucked my thumb until I was in 6th grade. Don’t you want that kind of influence in your life?
16. I shower often. No smells at Design for Mankind.
15. This is my passion. Writing to you, that is.
14. I’ve met Bono, which means that if you read Design for Mankind, technically, you’ve met half of Bono. Sort of.
13. I live in Los Angeles and come on, what else is there to do here but read some blogs?
12. I’ve never balanced my checkbook, so you won’t have to read about math and stuff.
11. I can recite all fifty states in alphabetical order in less than fourteen seconds. Always good to have someone like that around. You know. Just in case.
10. I want my future children to have wooden toys only. You know, so if toys are left out, the house will still look cuter than ever.
9. If you read Design for Mankind, you can have the following conversation:
Stranger: “Hey, what’re you reading?”
You: “Design for Mankind.”
Stranger: “Wow! You sound so egalitarian!”
8. Every month I publish a magazine called Mankind Mag. It’s a great thing to read at the dentist, and again, you could potentially have the conversation in #13.
7. I Google EVERYONE. So watch out.
6. Design for Mankind makes you lose weight.
5. I graduated college as a triple-major, double-minor. You know, in case you have a question about the Rhetorical Nature of Literature.
4. Ok, I’m lying in #6.
3. I read each and every comment left on Design for Mankind. Try me.
2. I like to help in any way I can. Again, try me.
1. Because inspiration can change the world.

Under The Root will be featured in a 2am project with these beautiful beings during mid-March.
Please check into Design For Mankind, be inspired, change the world!

And lastly, if you want more of Erin, you can find her at BAKERY.