Wednesday, November 23, 2011

fairy tale review

"Fairy Tale Review Press is dedicated to helping raise public awareness of the literary and cultural influence of fairy tales, and to appreciating their power and depth as an art form.  It celebrates fairy tales as one of our oldest and most underestimated pleasures.  Fairy Tale Review Press seeks to improve the critical understanding of new works sewn from fairy tales, and welcome the public to revisit old tales across borders and time, to celebrate their transfixing power, and to protect them for future generations of readers.  Fairy Tale Review Press also publishes Fairy Tale Review, an annual journal."

Fairy Tale Review
Founder & Editor:
 Kate Bernheimer
Guest Editor, The Brown Issue: Timothy Schaffert
Managing Editor: Alissa Nutting
Web Editor: 
Brian Oliu
Assistant Editor: Lucas Southworth

Advisory Board

Donald Haase, Wayne State University
Lydia Millet, Tucson, AZ

Maria Tatar, Harvard University

Marina Warner, University of Essex

Jack Zipes, University of Minnesota

I find it dearly exceptional and hope you can wriggle over to their site, purchase the written words, and submerse your consciousness.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

from the roots of lingerie comes teatime

The Lingerie Journal
News, Opinion, Expert Advice for Lingerie Retailers
My attention landed on this group with all the tools they offer and the use of their delicate, informative response for an industry which continues to unfold, intimately.

as lovely as ever there was..

Rachel Follett has an extreme case of lovely and spreading out a catalog from Lovely Clusters