Saturday, June 16, 2012

the doe and her fawn

Last week, after a day of blood, sweat and tears..
while leaving the parking lot in the southern hills,
I stopped the car to be of some assistance.  Now I understand
that deer are not that uncommon and quite pesky to grass
and land, but I love them.. if you know me, you know animals
are quite dear to me.
There was a woman and son stopped in their car headed south,
a man from a northbound car holding
his head walking towards their car.  He was very distraught.
I stood on the sidewalk for about one minute to decide what to do.
There was a deer laying down in front of her right front tire,
and a baby deer still in the sack had popped out of her belly.

The man ended up leaving and ever so sad.
The woman with her son in the passenger side was calm but
sad, they stayed in the car to phone for assistance.
I decided to sit with the deer.

This small story is to pay homage to our amazing wildlife on this
planet right now.  I understand why and how we have succumb
to industrialization. 
I grieve a bit at our misunderstanding of why we are here.
My thoughts are a product of my perception.. the doe
and her nearly fawn were beautiful.

Please do be careful out there, flying your vehicle on the backroads
or in neighborhoods.  Be wakeful.

black and white image above is anonymous for the moment

Thursday, June 14, 2012

a bit of the farm dream

a little voice exclaimed,
"it's like you're a fabric manipulator"

Gordon Fikes vintage spool from Millinery Magazine
Lisbeth Williams of Wabi Sabi journal of elegant, natural living