Wednesday, August 14, 2013

herbs in your lingerie drawer

I have almost finished the prototypes for our
lingerie drawer satchets.  There was so many different
kinds of recycled materials to choose from after all
these years of sewing Under The Root designs.  It is
splendid to pull together my enchantment with herbs
and charms.  All that is left is the one inch handle and
enclosure of the herbs inside.  I believe we will be adding
spellcasting cards inside the orders too.  There are options
for personalized, hearts, birds, or vintage buttons.

My decision to use more of the root herbs instead
of flowerettes was scrumptuous, root smells from
the organic and wild harvesting here in the Pacific
Northwest.  I have chosen lemon verbena, rosemary,
eucalyptus, and/or cedar leaf tips.  Of course, not all
used together.  You can hang them in closets,
carry along in suitcases, dream up your drawers, or
leave among any space for the outdoors in your
indoor playlands.