Friday, August 9, 2013

fairytale friday and the feroes

Brownie Mocks the Cat 1887 by Theodor Kittelsen

Feroes Islands
A group and archipelago under the sovereignty of the Kingdom of 
Denmark, nestled between the Norwegian Sea and North Atlantic 
Ocean, approximately halfway between Norway and Iceland.
The land area is roughly 1400 kilometers squared, 540 square miles,
and almost 50,000 in population.

image found by Nordoy

image found by F. Ewald

These peoples have much of their ancestors and founders' belief in 
the little peoples.  I found tales of Nisses or Brownies called Niagruisar,
Underground people or Trolls, Water Spirits, Fossegrimen, Nokken,
Land Creatures such as Dwarves and Elves.

meadow sprites by Nils Blommer 1850

It is the belief of the people of these islands that every ninth-night the 
seals put off their skins and assume the human form, and dance and 
sport about on the land.  After some time, they resume their skins 
and return to the water. 
Some say Trolls used to frequently carry people into their hills, and 
detain them there.
The little creatures with red caps on their heads bring luck to any 
place where they take up their abode.
A lonely violinist lives underneath waterfalls, and he will teach those
whom are ready to play as he.