Thursday, November 29, 2012

swampy with endless canvas

I think it was 2009 when I ran across a journal of this artist named
Swampy.. maybe it was a Flickr account.  His story about finding
himself lost was breathtaking.  The image above is from the images
that swirled around from him.  And then it struck me, what an
absolute truth of where we are right now, lost.
Today I did a search for his name and found what has happened..
check it.

It looks like this has just happened in Berkeley, California.  Art,
street art, everlasting rainbows.

Endless Canvas : Special Delivery Bay Area 2012
Video: Mapache Films
Audio: Todd Sykes
Description by Babak:
"On Saturday night, September 8, 2012,
I and thousands of others witnessed the concrete and steel ruin
that is Carbon Warehouse in the old Flint Ink building at
1350 Fourth Street, Berkeley return to technicolor life as a free,
underground art gallery.
For hours, we gawked at the fabulous graffiti that covered close
to every inch of the building, with music, beer and wine,
and an electric atmosphere that should make world art hubs
like London, Berlin and Venice blush.
Because, on that night, Berkeley appeared talented, fearless
and exciting, and in a humble, inclusive way, a bastion of public art."
read the full and extraordinary description here.