Thursday, November 29, 2012

bloody mary and a bicycle

Melisaki girl by Evelyn at The Yard PDX

One of my closest friends and confidants in the whole world was
sharing more of her story, in this life, with me a couple nights ago.
She said that maybe if I can share more of my lifestyle across the
world, maybe it will pull a direction of what the hell to do with
this life right now.  I will work on it.. it's not always joy joy over 
here, surrealism is so much more fun even if it's dirty.  My life, what
the hell is it and who the hell cares.  So I have done and continue
to struggle and do, yes, I do things.
Which brings me to the image of the girl on the bike.  A metaphor
for the intensity sometimes.. it captures, perfectly.
  • bicycle too large yet riding is so free it does not matter,
    she may fall off but damnit she will ride it with integrity
    and sometimes a giggle
  • short hair
  • dirty face and awake eyes
  • pink shirt with jumper, mary janes and orange knee highs
What I can say is that I will work on sharing the bobbles, quirks, 
rushes of enthusiasm and tyranny of restraints, filtered or unfiltered
humour, corners, theory, bloody mary, and of course the disco ball.