Tuesday, August 3, 2010

body movement tuesday :: viceral dance company

Visceral Dance Chicago will bring dance to an extensive population, challenging audiences to examine their perception of the dance experience. By providing thought provoking and innovative performances, VDC will push itself to bring new explorations of movement and theater without limitation of specific styles.  It is a goal of Visceral Dance Chicago to reach wider audiences, obtain great arts support, and form a universal dance audience.  Audiences should be taken to a different place and be exposed to something extraordinary, something that makes them think and ask why.  VDC intends to reach to a deeper place to help the audience
experience something that is not easy or simple but that cultivates conversation both for the individual and the audience as a whole.  Visceral Dance Chicago wants to change the way the audience thinks and views dance.  By driving dance in a different direction, VDC hopes to make the art form accessible to everyone, providing an avenue for deeper thought, understanding, and appreciation.