Saturday, July 17, 2010

soundscape saturday :: jeekoos

DubFront Records
"(the English spelling of the Polish word Dzikus,
loosely translated as “a feral woodsman”)
crept into the Chicago music scene playing bass in punk bands
and producing four track hiphop and breakbeat type madness.
Always a seeker of fresh musical experiences, Jeekoos
found himself at a party near the end of the century. It was there
that he encountered jungle music. Soon after, he discovered
Part Time Sucker Radio – a consistent source of jungle, breakbeats and DnB.
Impressed by the show’s selections of styles and sounds,
Jeekoos became a regular listener, then a contributor,
then a freakin’ resident dj. When he ran up on Dubstep,
with its intensity, gnarly basslines and attention to detail,
he naturally incorporated it into his sets and production style.
He crafts tunes and mixes that are nothing short of block rocking.
Jeekoos also props up Chicago’s lowdown sounds with sick event flyers
and web design and is the man behind the forum.
Respect to tha Wubmaster!"

Vote for Jeekoos in the semi-finals to play Lollapalooza!