Monday, January 11, 2010

whirling beauties :: fashion, evolved

Fashion, Evolved
"I never set out to be an eco-fashion writer. I don’t consider myself particularly trendy. Fashion, Evolved was born in April 2008 after a tangent sent me on hours of unproductive internet surfing for eco-fashion websites and blogs. The pickings were indeed slim, and in a flash of inspiration I realized that this was a subject I could write about to make a real contribution to the environmental movement.
As I started researching and interviewing different independent “green” designers, I realized that very few of them were making the big bucks with their lines. In fact, many of them are working on their clothing or jewelry along with a second job to support themselves and their vision. Yet, they pushed forward, spurred on the passion for what they believe in: beautiful, tasteful, artistic style that does not compromise ethics or the health and well-being of our environment. Their stories are inspiring and their enthusiasm is infectious."