Monday, December 28, 2009

ultima vez

Ultima Vez was founded in 1986 as the company and organization of choreographer, director and filmmaker Wim Vandekeybus.
Since its foundation, Ultima Vez has intensively developed its activities as an international contemporary dance company with a strong base in Brussels and Flanders.
While, during the first years, Ultima Vez focused mainly on the production, promotion and distribution of the artistic work of Wim Vandekeybus (dance, theatre, film), the organization has integrated many other activities.

Ultima Vez has always functioned as an autonomous and independent structure,
relying however on a network of co-producers and partners to realize its projects.

Currently the activities of Ultima Vez are focused around the following pillars:
- the creation, production, the national and international distribution & promotion of the artistic work of Wim Vandekeybus (dance/theatre creations, film & video, kids & youth projects, …);
- the organization of art educational activities (classes, workshops, repertory projects…) for various target groups (professional dancers, performers, dance amateurs, children, …);
- the ulti'mates programme: the support and counselling of choreographers/theatre makers on the level of (financial) management, administration, production, promotion and/or distribution.

For more information about the different Ultima Vez activities, we refer to the respective pages on this website.
An overview of the partnerships and networks Ultima Vez relies on or is member of can be found on the synergies pages.