Wednesday, January 29, 2014

weekly wednesday eco lingerie design discount

Week 2 of the Armoire Wonderment Inventory Clearout
     The decision has been made to offer a leap and bound discount every week on Wednesdays.  I personally agree with Wednesdays most of the time.  They do not stand in the way and open a breathe of aire like the tallest perch you can see from your window.  Yes, Wednesdays will do.  As each week may be juxtaposed with new ideas, so flies the weekly design love from our Under The Root shop.

    This is week two of a bit more brilliance by the continuation of 50 percent off an entire section of the ready to ship designs.  The prices all reflect the decrease.  This discount will be ongoing for one week, until next Wednesday begins the succeeding design choice on the chopping block.  There are nearly 40 pieces ready to go and sparkly and new.  The sizes range from small to large with the measurements listed with each design.  There are lingerie drawer satchets, arm spats, and blindfolds too.

     The authentic reason for these peculiar discounts is to deplete the materials in our stock, for the next evolution can certainly use some padding of the kitty.  We have aspirations for using organic hemp in our designs.. possibly added organic materials as well.  That's right, it is time to move into a more sustainable, extra whopping, super monster fireflies on these pieces.  Yes, there will continue limited, one of a kind materials in the work for some designs, but I am ravenous to push the envelope of what is possible with hemp... and it is essential to inquire for your assistance in the purchase of materials process.  You receive our designs at out of the ordinary prices as we build the revenue for extraordinary materials of the future.  

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