Monday, January 6, 2014

modern dance monday with velocity dance center seattle

     Since moving to Seattle, Under The Root and myself, the main course of action is to return to the modern dance, body movement, and the art of dance.  The Spring classes begin today and so this journal entry is to focus on the place of my new classes, Velocity Dance Center.  Seattle is swarming with many concepts of dance, dance cinema, dance festivals, and body movement workshops.
     “It’ll be cool to see what these dancers . . . accomplish in the coming year under the guidance and protection of Velocity, an organization that is less a dance company and more like a hotbed of creativity that nurtures and supports dancers as they explore performing art to sometimes extraordinary limits.”
— Melody Datz, The Stranger Slog

      “How did [Velocity] and its support of local dancers contribute to your career?
In every way possible.”

— Corrie Befort of Salt Horse, Seattle Dance Examiner

      “Again and again, Velocity proves itself as both supporter and tastemaker for dance in Seattle. . .”
— SeattleDances

      "Mayor’s Arts Award and Genius Award winner Velocity Dance Center is Seattle’s premier art center dedicated to contemporary dance and performance.  A recognized leader as an artist-driven, community-centered dance incubator, Velocity fosters the creative explorations of artists and adventurous audiences through an invested commitment to education, creation, performance, inquiry, community participation, and inter/national exchange.  Velocity fulfills an unduplicated role as the epicenter for contemporary dance in the Pacific Northwest operating three studios, a dance resource room, an online journal and the only theater in the region especially developed for dance performances.  The primary art center supporting contemporary dance in Seattle since 1996, Velocity is instrumental in making Seattle a destination city with one of the most active dance communities in the nation.  In 2012 alone, Velocity served nearly 18,000 individuals; offered 2,000+ dance classes; provided low cost space to over 450 artists; activated a growing audience of thousands of dance enthusiasts; commissioned and developed 27 new works, and introduced more than 89 works of performance, film, installation and hybrid forms into the local and national dance ecology."


A core mission and value to the art of our bodies.  From hosting Next Fest NW to daily classes, workshops to performance venues and speakeasy.  There is a universe open enough to share.

Green Chair Dance Group image Adam Sekuler

Fire and Ice image Michelle Smith-Lewis

The Pendleton House image Tim Summers

Alana O Rogers image Tim Summers

Paige Barnes image Laurent Ziegler