Wednesday, December 4, 2013

bump day lingerie

Around three issues ago, I was contacted by Joanna, one of the team members for Wild Fire Magazine.  Her crew of wild loving, wild harvesting, superwomyn and men down under, are drumming up quite the stir in Australia.  Issue Four, the Travel Issue, was just published and it approaches at what I believe to be a living being friendly scope of what we as humans can do for our evolution.  It's a pop, kapow, zum in the kisser of belly warming deliciousness.

They continue to round up such a welcome.  It's like sitting at a table conjuring spirits and realities.  Their finds are superb, their eyes and hearts see a future of transparency, no regrets.  I definitely hope to one day make a visit to their gatherings, for now, the inclusion of our work from Under The Root will assist in the making of Wild Fire Magazine, if only from afar, sincerely honored we are.

The issues are downloadable for free and slammed full of recipes, apparel, accessories, guidance, joy, and visions of now.

We sent an eco lingerie set of moss green clotilde camisole and louise brooks bloomers plus a vintage print with deep purple lined satchel, via crows to their land.  The images are captured by Kohii Love Photography.  I think the concept, imagery, and photo spread is simply divine.. love.