Monday, November 25, 2013

dance with the ents

Timothy Ide

Randy Asplund


Jeff Murchie

Luca Bonatti

Jim Hunt

Rodney Matthews

At the time of their awakening Ents could not speak, but the Elves taught them that art, and they loved it greatly.  They delighted in learning many tongues, even the short chirping of Men.  Though Ents at times had great gatherings called Entmoots, for the most part they were a solitary folk living apart from one another in isolated Ent houses in the great forests.  Their stories are many and span progressively until the Third Age in startime.  With them the tree spirits obtain strength, Entwood thrives, their lives are wise and great.  Wars were then waged within lands around them, Ents lost members of their families, some even retreated in Ent fashion into the nature of their being.  Again, they lived peacefully in the Entwood, yet they continued to wane and the Fourth Age was believed to be their last.
cited and adapted from Guide to Tolkien's World by David Day