Thursday, July 11, 2013

love from the lemon verbena

Lemon Verbena Love Poem by Wrigley

If you look, at the end of the day
after words are spent,
and memories begin their journey.

And the wisp that was once a
brilliant, iridescent flame,
retires to a loft of curling
lemon verbena smoke...

You'll see that I will, as on the very
first day, search for the never
written words, the one's never learned.

The one's I've yet to invent,
the one's you'll make me see,
to celebrate the 'us' that we've become.

'Till occasion brings language with the
sound of you,
I will continue to amuse every candle
with your shadow...
and begin another memory.

Lemon verbena, sometimes called vervain, 
is one of the most strongly scented and intense 
of the lemon scented plants. The essence,
both crisp and relaxing at the same time.
It is perfect for relieving indigestion,
heartburn, and as a toner for the digestive tract. 

It is also great for soothing anxiety and 
as a sedative it is helpful in insomnia.
It has uses in making perfumes and toilet water,
flavorings in baking, jelly and preserving, tea,
ice cream, or spellcasting. The flavor is similar 
to oregano, licorice, and camphor. 
The plant is native to Chile and Peru.

Lemon Verbena tree and bicycle