Friday, June 7, 2013

healing fabrics, it's in the threads

I recently stumbled upon information pertaining to an ancient 
technique of dyeing textiles using medicinal herbs.  It is called
Ayurvastra.  “Ayur" in Sanskrit means health while vastra 
translates to cloth or clothing.

Ayurvastra is based on the principle of touch.  Every contact 
with the cloth helps the body lose toxins and enhance 
the metabolism.  The threads or cloth has been permeated 
with spices, herbs and oils to help cure a wide range of 
ailments and basically following known effectiveness 
of the plants.  The most regenerative time to wear Ayurvastra 
is while sleeping or meditating.

I find this all fascinating, logical, remarkable, yet near 
fundamental.  After researching into the technical process, 
I found the technique a bit off the mark.  Bleach, cow's urine, 
dyeing gum, and thirty days for the process.  I wonder if 
organically produced fibers will help decrease the time 
while increasing the legitimate value.

Some of the herbs used in the dye baths include curry leaves,
turmeric, neem and sandalwood.