Thursday, April 4, 2013

111 fae, sprite, elven names to conjure

Mary by Lucy Hardie

Alvisa                    fast
Alsen                     loving
Alnosa                  clever
Aena                     nosey
Alle                        calm
Beona                   truthful
Brign                      dancing
Bren                      musical
Bittan                    sparkling
Besane                 writer
Cathen                 laughing
Cosia                     serious
Casele                   sleepy
Cosena                 bossy
Corane                 talkative
Doranth               intuitive
Derona                 of the flowers
Demile                  woodland
Dellar                    of the stars
Domar                  of the lake
Engatha                one who sews
Euphren               of powerful magick
Emathe                  of the sky
Elmar                     of the arts
Ephwar                 counselor
Foresta                 forest sprite
Fettam                 of the Moon
Freylar                  of the roses
Fistonia                    good
Fresmar               mischievous
Gamane               little
Gisset                   gossamer
Geffar                   graceful
Goldame             water nymph
Golar                     golden queen
Hasan                    power
Hepsonar            green fields
Hethane              dewdrops
Hollamia               of the grass
Hopenny             of the lake
Islatar                    of the trees
Ilsepas                  golden haired
Leftemi                    cotton
Lopeth                  of the bluebells
Leray                     of the birds
Limpet                  dragon
Lifthe                    dark haired
Magendar           of the rainbow
Mabellia               warrior
Miphaneth         of languages
Maizmar              of music
Misellrai               mystical
Nofar                    of the night
Nephley               of words
Nomaline            light
Neesweth           kindness
Niphlar                 laughter
Opaline                of the garden
Olsapine              gold
Ottemai               silver
Ottepha               of gifts
Offsemar             nighttime
Prearna                    courage
Presmath            who does act
Pincole                 dance and music
Pinevair                home and hearth
Phoetestay         beauty

Queenstar          from the royal castle
Quilesse               from the golden hills
Questar                     of the stars
Questaphane    gossamer wings
Quistine               of the clouds
Roselph                   golden orbs
Ristain                   faery keykeeper
Rifensar               faery tablet keeper
Rometh                  of languages
Remasay              light
Silphane               music
Silver                     myths and legends
Simjay                   autumn
Siphilmire            sapphires
Semsebar            bells
Tippy                     travel
Totezane             animals
Timplemay          land
Twasar                  mind
Tolsane                   intuition
Uphren                   mischievous
Umbar                  friend of elves
Unile                     newborn babies
Unefet                 health and vitality
Unape                  apple trees
Veronay               blue flowers
Volsar                   nighttime
Velmear               red hair
Vamsar                 watches over children
Vintespay            hospitals
Xolain                    fairyland
Xaymin                 communication
Xyvinar                 summer
Xpensomal         magick faery dust
Xtephae               candlemaker
Yetam                   winter
Yampolane         health
Yesmire               mind magick
Yitten                    blue light
Yaymar                 memory
Zento                    spring
Zephan                 all that is good
Zetta                     luck
Zimola                   blessings
Zeph                      of the stars