Sunday, December 9, 2012

m. t. pockets, mori girl and a solar plexus

The images above were found from this traveling midway, just when times are showing through our knickers.  The set design is from One Hat One Hand, M.T. Pockets' Traveling Midway of Curiosities and Delights is their name, fun must be their game.  The richness of these photos and the noise from their travels are sure to be a welcomed landscape view among our land here in Northern America.

Now over in Japan, however, another prospect for ingenuity has gathered and I am shivering a bit from the seams.  Those tiny earthquakes are of love, elven, and the myths up to the tips of my goosebumps.  A few images to pull up your boots.  There is Mori Girl and now Yama Girl.. a disco ball of cooler colors right alongside vibrant reins of starlight brights.  Fashions leading back to nature and possibly finding those moments in webs of peace to prance back to society, culture, and zen.  I believe in freedom of expression and to me, this is delightful, artistic, as cords of mother earth sing.

solar plexus:
a nerve plexus in the abdomen that contains several ganglia distributing nerve fibers to the viscera that is situated behind the stomach, in front of the aorta and the crura of the diaphragm

artist Kelly B Heaton