Wednesday, September 12, 2012

feather and moss curiosities

Feather and Moss, a new discovery for me.  I adore their name, the vibe, the green witchery, and the discoveries from sister, midwestern love.  
Under The Root hails from Illinois and not a cornfield or rail track we did not venture throughout the entire state..  These twin stars just had a first ever giveaway and while the deadline is over, the wisdom they will share has begun.  The giveaway can be found with the link here.  Their journal is located with the link here.  A smorgasboard of tumblr here.  Their shop online with the giveaway listing here

"Rachel and Vanessa grew up in small Midwestern towns, and from a young age, both found themselves enchanted by nature and science.  The collections and jewelry of Feather and Moss are inspired by their shared fondness for natural history, vintage laboratory supplies, favorite antique store finds, and the little treasures one finds while tromping through the woods on a cool autumn morning."

My very precious item I covet from their shop is the Witch's Herb Sampler.