Tuesday, December 27, 2011

a message from beyond

"i allowed myself to take the package into the bathroom with me and set it on the counter while i showered. when it was warm and i was relaxed and clean, i opened the parcel.  the recycled packing was welcome and the presentation of the wrapped garment breathtaking.  the vintage picture and the pretty little cards, the ribbon and wrappings.  i was just so impressed with the sensory experience i had ...with the colors and textiles.  i got all powdered and put on my little romper thingy and its awesome!  i giggled and clapped and it fits me great!  you are so talented!  im wearing it to bed tonight!  thanks again for the experience and the memories.  what a fun time..."

This message in response to a handmade Lamignak Lantern UnitSuit, so beautiful and exactly what I seam up inside all these pieces for the precious peoples on the planet.