Monday, August 23, 2010

oddities and magik monday :: lowbrow tarot project

Claudia Drake

JennyBird Art

Jared Joslin

Edith Lebeau

Lowbrow Tarot Project
"There are 22 cards in the Major Arcana, each showing some aspect of the human experience.  The cards of the Major Arcana are focused on three themes: the realm of the material world, the realm of the intuitive mind, and the realm of change.
The Lowbrow Tarot Project will showcase 23 amazing artists who will use their creative genius and unique style to take on the 22 Major Arcana [+ the card back] and create 23 new works of art in the rugged glow of the lowbrow art movement to be displayed in an exhibition at La Luz de Jesus in October 2010, along with a hard cover tabletop book and full color tarot card deck."  A few of the artists included are listed above with a sample of their work although not the inclusion to the project.