Monday, August 16, 2010

oddities and magikal monday :: esotika erotica psychotica

Esotika Erotica Psychotica
Mike Kitchell
Creator, primary contributor, editor, and site designer.  "Esotika Erotica Psychotica began as a film review blog by Mike Kitchell on January 2nd of 2007.  He started to blog with the eventual goal of having a website that would serve as a sort of "platform" for people and information pertaining to the particular blend of film that he was fascinated by; namely, that which combined sex, horror, art, and experimentation.  The necessity for the website was felt due to a discontent with the prevalance of genre film review sites that would often overlook or dismiss the so called "pretentious" films, and "art film" review sites that would ignore the "low brow" genre films.  Since he felt the most important films were the films that were brilliant combinations of the two, he decided that a remarkably nobrow approach was necessary.  The necessity for a new website also grew out of the fact that many internet based review sites were primarily DVD review sites.  He has a major appreciation for DVDs (obviously), but DVDs aren't relevent without the films that they hold."

"Esotika references "esoteric", meaning in this context, of course, obscure. The films applauded on the Esotika site are often fairly obscure, or at least relatively unknown, films.  Erotica clearly references the erotic and sexual content in many of the films discussed.  Psychotica brings to mind the idea of a sort of "psychosis", which in film can relate to a very "free" or "experimental" method of narrative, imagery, or really anything.  Those three signifiers together produce, at least, we would hope, the idea of what makes an Esotika film an Esotika film."