Monday, May 24, 2010

magikal monday :: parliament and wake

Parliament and Wake
"An ongoing actualization of something that is probably not unique, 
but maybe somewhat different.  Hopefully it brings you some measure 
of enjoyment, or makes you think, or disrupts the equilibrium of 
someone, somewhere, at least a little.  It is presented as a collection of 
incomplete books that describe, and tell stories set within, the Edges – 
fantastical worlds that exist just beyond our perception. These worlds 
reflect our own, but are infused with impossible technology, subtle magic 
and a reckless disregard for laws of time and space.  Sometimes the 
Edges are places of playful whimsy; but extra-spatial horrors and 
nightmares spawned in the dark hearts of men are never distant."

Sisterhood of the Immaculate Heart

Giberon Primer of Elementary Machine Physiks