Friday, January 8, 2010

whirling beauties :: erotique digitale

Erotique Digitale
Kelly Michael Charles Lind
"Hi. Im Kelly Lind. Hmmm ... I think this is where a photographer talks in the third person about how important his work is, all he's accomplished, and all the ways you should envy him. But it turns out, that just makes me feel a little sleazy, awkward, and dishonest. Im just another average guy, working towards an extraordinary existence, one day at a time."
excerpt taken from About

"Frankly, I can do without shooting the harder stuff. I tend to linger at the beginning of a set with the model fully clothed because more often than not, I find my subjects to be more sexual with their clothing on. Even the most seasoned porn star doesn’t let her guard down completely while nude. It’s a very vulnerable place to be. So i enjoy shots like the one above because there’s a vulnerability that’s difficult to capture otherwise."
excerpt taken from Blog

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There are moments where a decision has to be made.. to embrace every facet of all artists and their medium, or to stay on the surface and whistle while the world's underground stays apart from your reality. The places I have seen and the faces of our fears, including joys, all stand together. Our dictionary of words can not begin to touch what happens within a person's journey. We make choices of what to watch, whom to reach out to, how to prepare dinner, and where our money is spent. Kelly Lind straddles realities for many and vividly documents his journey. I choose to support photography and due to the fact that I assemble pieces so close to the human body, erotica claims many parts of my heart.