Monday, July 6, 2009

sprout chicago

Sprout Chicago is a fresh addition to Chicago’s
sprouting green scene. A collaboration between
local ecoverts Irena Djuric and Lydia Krupinski,
Sprout Chicago takes you into the heart of
good and green life in Chicago.

Irena and Lydia first joined forces in the seventh grade,
when they produced an interactive, underground
magazine called The Blob. It was a runaway hit that was
eventually confiscated – but not before its first three issues
reached hundreds of Gemini Junior High pupils. Years later,
with the help of the worldwide web, the two have
once again conspired to bring their words and vision to the masses.

From local news and restaurant reviews, to interviews
with green go-getters and profiles of eco-events,
Sprout Chicago is your source for sustainability in the city.
For instant eco-updates, follow them on Twitter,
or join the Facebook group!