Monday, July 13, 2009

shut up magazine

Under The Root was cited as an Honorable Mention
in Spring/Summer 2009 Issue of ShutUp Magazine.
Although they did not choose an image of the Under The Root 
designs I mailed to the photoshoot in NY with Jonathan Hokklo,
hopefully, the continued growth of designs will make a hit 
with images in print..

Responsible Knickers
by Kelly Outram ::

Jennifer Brown creator of Under The Root
said the idea for lingerie using sustainable, repurposed textiles
was a conscious decision.
"Under The Root was already developing and manufacturing
undergear and findlings using recycled materials.
I was ready to make a difference using the tools and trade."

Brown's fabrics are found anywhere from garage sales
to thrift shops to estate sales. Once the process of putting 
together the fabrics starts, each fiber takes on its own persona 
into a different garment.

It is a lifestyle choice more than a fashion statement
to wear eco-friendly clothing, Brown said.

"One of the most beautiful actualizations of being human
is that we decide where our money goes.
Each and every cent can be accounted."