Monday, June 1, 2009

womens institute underwear 1925

Lingerie Book Sew FLapper Underwear Making Sewing 1925
"The right foundations for one's outer garments play such a vital 
part in their success that undergarments have acquired a place 
of importance in the wardrobe. The sort of underwear to select
for various types of costumes and for different figures is a matter 
requiring as much careful thought as the costumes themselves. 
Then there are the many varieties of sleeping garments, bathrobes, 
kimonos, and negligees, into the selecting and making of which a 
woman has an opportunity to express much of her feminine charm."

Dakota Prairie Treasures re-publication of the original flapper era 
sewing guides and workbooks, the Women's Institute of Domestic 
Arts and Sciences: Underwear and Lingerie: Part 1 and 2 with
instructions, diagrams, photos and line drawings for the 
undergarments.  It includes information regarding the materials used, 
decorative touches, laces, ribbon work, and even color suggestions.