Monday, June 22, 2009

mister joe black

Joe Black

The neo-vaudevillian, the real life Disney villain,
the gin-addled courtesan, the anti-christ of cabaret
and the one and only waltzing cynic…

Eccentric to international stages,
Joe Black takes to shows in an almost cartoon-esque
musical assault,
sweeping the audience through deathly showtunes,
stomping polkas and heart wrenching ballads.

Though seemingly unable to fit into any particular category,
Joe Black has shared a stage with many notable names
from different stretches of performance,
musical acts such as Amy Winehouse, Gary Numan,
My Bloody Valentine, St Vincent, Noah And The Whale,
Hadouken and Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly

and those, of a more performance art and cabaret nature,
such as Empress Stah, Dusty Limits, Anna Fur Laxis,
Beatrix Von Bourbon, Vicky Butterfly, Scottee,
Des O’Connor and many more.

With a huge array of events, such as Torture Garden,
Bestival, The Edinburgh Fringe Festival and
so many more under his belt…

Mister Joe Black (armed with an accordion, a piano,
and a voice with force like no other),
Is ready to give you a show, that years of therapy
couldn’t even help you forget.

We’re very concerned…