Wednesday, May 13, 2009

visual artist magazines

Piston Cooperative
Art Director
Timm Haneke
Text Editor
Kinga Rustler
Fashion Director
Carolin Sengmuller
Photo Director
Ramon Haindl

A progressive magazine based in Berlin.  We are looking
forward to this adventure called online and offline 
magazine development and we are truly curious about 
the people we are going to meet throughout this journey.

125 Magazine
125 is a publishing company specializing in photography and 
fine art photographic print sales.  Our key product is 125 Magazine.
It is published twice a year, March and September.  125 is our favourite shutter speed.

S Magazine
In 2004 four boys and a gal from Copenhagen,
all from the fashion world, had an epiphany. It was
the dead of winter, the nights were too long
and the vodka was flowing. As creatives they had yet
to work with a magazine that gave them the freedom they desired.
Magazine gives the freedom to the artist
and lets them know where they could go if there were no restrictions.