Saturday, April 4, 2009

dujour magazine

DuJour Magazine is a PRINT and DIGITAL magazine 

published bi-monthly. 
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Back when the world was all glitter and tea cups,
DUJOUR magazine founder, editor Letitia Burrell
along with her beloved art director Eduardo Rodriguez,
could think of nothing better to do than
spending their time window shopping and drinking, well,
cups of tea (ok well the Ed-Master there swears by Starbucks Venti).
One day while sitting atop her collection
of vintage Elle, Vogue, and Nylons,
she put together a plan to start a magazine.
Actually, a plan to finally plan the plan
for the magazine that Letitia already planned years ago (you still there?).
She was uninspired with what was being offered on newsstands
and felt nothing could relate to her
in terms of high fashion
that inspired while at the same time
mixed with realistic fashion she could attain,
all with a generous dose or artsy fun and intelligence.
Both editor and art director loving friends with similar tastes,
they wanted a magazine that spoke directly to the reader
(a smart cookie of course),
contained eye candy as well as affordable fashion,
sweet art,
interesting reads and covetable photography.
With each other’s support day in and day out,
as well as Letitia’s obsessive research,
sleepless nights and editing,
her dream became a reality. We hope you enjoy; it’s all for you…